The Economic Case for DACA

A consistent argument you hear from anti-DACA advocates, is that the program and its beneficiaries are bad for the American economy. That they put an undue burden on the American taxpayer.
Rather than using the next 200 words explaining how wrong that impression is, I’ve decided to let the numbers speak for themselves, courtesy of the CATO Institute.

$372,000,000: The amount of money applicants of DACA have paid to the United States Government since its inception, to simply apply for the program.

$480,000,000: the amount of money dreamers contributes to the American economy every 2 years, by simply participating in the program. (Each recipient pays $400 every 2 years to stay in the program)

$6,300,000,000: The amount U.S. employers would have to pay in employee turnover costs, should the DACA rescission remain in effect.

6,914: The numbers of DACA employees who would need to be terminated every week for the next 2 years.

$61,000,000: The weekly cost to the employers who will be doing the terminating.

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